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About our Kindergarten

Our Philosophy 

We believe:

 Children learn at their own rate, in their own time

  • We provide a range of experiences that support each child to explore and investigate the learning environment in ways that reflect their stage of maturity, their culture and family environment.

  • Open ended, creative and imaginative experiences are the basis for how materials are presented to children.

 In providing experiences that are open, creative and imaginative

  • This enables children to experiment, refine and develop skills through open experiences.

  • Uninterrupted periods of time enable children to immerse themselves in discovering, creating, problem solving and interacting with their peers.


 That promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly practices are an integral part of our centre community

  • Bentleigh West Kindergarten has a commitment to caring about the environment and these practices are embedded into everyday experiences with the children.


In building authentic relationships between educators, children, families and community

  • Educators use a range of communication skills to develop strong links between educators and the kindergarten community.

  • All educators acknowledge the importance of gaining and sharing information between the service and its families. This is vital to promoting a family centered practice and 

  • All educators acknowledge the valuable input that parents and carers bring to the program through special skills, knowledge and assistance.


In nurturing a culturally diverse community

  • Bentleigh West Kindergarten reflects beliefs and associated practices that actively promote respect for and acceptance of a range of abilities, equality of gender, race, language and culture.


The importance of working together and alongside each other

  • Bentleigh West Kindergarten recognises that children require time to work and play alongside each other as well as time to work independently.


In teaching and learning through play

  • Bentleigh West Kindergarten provides a play-based curriculum through a range of indoor and outdoor learning experiences.

  • Educators plan for individual children’s interests and culture based upon the acquisition of skills, social interactions, language development, thinking and problem solving, motor control, literacy and numeracy, dramatic play, sensory experiences, construction and reading.


In active play in an outdoor environment 

  • At Bentleigh West Kindergarten educators plan outdoor programs both for the three and four year old groups to ensure lots of opportunity for outdoor and active play, even during the colder months of the year.

  • We recognise the importance of active play and how active play allows children to reach their full potential.

  • We challenge children to take risks as they grow and mature, through a range of outdoor experiences and by exploring the elements and the natural aspect of the outdoors and

  • Educators encourage children to challenge themselves (take risks) within their own limitations.

We believe in the importance of sustainability 

  • Bentleigh West Kindergarten recognises the significance of educating children and families on sustainable practices.

  • We are committed to reducing our environmental foot print.


Our children have access to creative and stimulating activities both inside and out, including a vegetable garden from which they harvest and prepare their own food, a performance stage, challenging outdoor equipment, an engaging natural environment, superior small class sizes and a wide range of quality toys, puzzles, books, natural materials and play equipment. 

The children are active participants in sustainable practices, including recycling, composting, worm farm, waste reduction and water conservation.

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