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Frequently asked questions

What do I need to pack for my child?

A named kinder bag, a complete set of spare, labelled clothes (sometimes children can get dirty or wet during sensory learning experiences), a hat (legionnaire style with the neck area covered), your child’s snack/lunch and drink bottle (water only) and rainy weather gear and jacket when appropriate.

 Although we do our best to protect children’s clothing by providing smocks for messy activities, it is best if children wear clothes that can be easily washed.


Children should wear:

  • Clothes they can manage themselves, eg. trousers that can be pulled down easily (no belts, braces or bodysuits)

  • Sensible, firm fitting, strong shoes for climbing. Crocs, thongs and open toe sandals are not suitable footwear

  • Warm jacket, gloves, scarf, beanie for cold weather – we have undercover areas for outdoor play in all weather

  • Sun hat (see Sun protection policy for further details)

  • Tops which provide sun protection – no spaghetti straps, tanks or clothing where shoulders are visible.


BWK logo hats, T-shirts and windcheaters are available for purchase at the Kindergarten.


How can I get involved with the kindergarten?

Our community-run Kindergarten is operated by a volunteer parent committee. Each year parents volunteer for the Committee of Management and carry out a range of tasks, including administration, publicity, fundraising, maintenance and organising social events. Without this contribution from parents, there would be no kindergarten. Parents are encouraged to join the Committee or to volunteer for specific projects during the year. General meetings are held once a month on a Tuesday evening and are open to all parents, not just those on the Committee. Meeting minutes will be stored in a binder in the foyer.

The Annual General Meeting is held in conjunction with the Information Night in November.

Families are also encouraged to participate in the daily educational program, whether helping out with learning experiences or sharing a special interest or skill. So come on duty and join the fun at kinder! Children really enjoy it when their family members help out at kinder and do kinder duty. Kinder duty also gives families the opportunity to see the full program in action. A list of ways you can help us on duty is located in the kinder duty sign in folder. Staff may also ask you to do simple tasks from time to time.

How will know what is happening throughout the term?

Communication is essential for providing information between the kindergarten and families. We use the learning journals daily as a primary means of sharing information. We recommend that you look at the learning journal with your child to learn about their time at kinder as it provides a prompt for discussions and questions. This encourages a deeper exchange of information and the opportunity to find out more details of your child’s day.

Drop off and pick up times can provide an opportunity to have a quick chat regarding your child. Please be mindful though that sometimes there is limited time to talk. On kinder duty there is more chance for discussion about your child’s progress. However, should you require a longer time to discuss anything with your child’s teacher, please feel free to make a time to meet with them. You can also email your child’s teacher, or call them, if you need to talk. If you have a concern, please share it immediately so it can be dealt with promptly to avoid causing you or your child any undue anxiety.

Our Communication officer will distribute monthly kindergarten newsletter. Please be sure to read it carefully as it is full of important information such as news, messages from the teachers, policy updates, and dates of upcoming events. This information is generally shared by email but if you require a hard copy, please ask.General notices are placed on the notice boards next to the sign-in desk and just inside the foyer. Please check these boards regularly to keep up to date on Kindergarten news and the current program. Any letters, permission slips etc. will be named/dated and given to your child to deliver to you pick up times.

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