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Below are links to sites which have some great learning opportunities for children. Feel free to explore the sites on your own or look at the areas we have suggested. If you find something your child loves, let us know so we can share with others too.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art



Content includes 3 tabs (Map, Time machine and Videos) and loads of interesting things to look at, explore, watch and even make. What is great is much of the content in the video section is made by children!

We suggest taking a tour by clicking on the map icon or using the direct link here 


See if you can find the below artworks by clicking on the red and yellow dotes on the map



This site it filled with hours of fun and exploration, you could spend hours and hours here and never see it all

For anyone whose child had an interest in all things space we suggest the following




Visit Melbourne

Looking for some local attractions to explore. Some attractions you might have visited in the past and you can revisit. Here is the link

Our suggestions are:



Storytime from space


Watch an astronaut read a story to you from space. There are a range of books perfect for preschool aged children. The astronauts also share information about what it is like to live and work in space. Follow the link here

Our favorite books are:

bwk spoonville

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